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Supporting Documents

Please ensure you organize, and have for our attorney to review in the preparation of your case, the following required documents:

  1. Copies of pay advices/slips covering the six (6) months prior to the meeting with our attorney. If self-employed, a Profit and Loss Statement for that period will be required;
  2. Kelly Blue Book analysis on all motor vehicles. You may obtain such by going to;
  3. Evidence of the pay-off balances on all motor vehicles, i.e., written communications from the lender;
  4. Copies of Registrations on all motor vehicles;
  5. Copies of the Declaration page of motor vehicle insurance coverage – NOT the insurance card;
  6. Evidence of current value of any real estate interests. In this regard it is recommended you contact a real estate broker’s office to get a written opinion of value. There is usually no charge for this service;
  7. Evidence of the pay-off balance on any encumbrances on any real estate interests, i.e., written communication from the lender;
  8. Copies of all bank, credit union, or other depository statements for the two (2) months prior to meeting with our attorney;
  9. Copies of the most recent statement for all retirement accounts;
  10. Copy of your last filed federal tax return, including all attachments.

By organizing this information for attorney review, you will avoid unnecessary additional meetings with our office, as well as unnecessary expenses.

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