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“One of the biggest mistakes a debtor makes is the attorney he or she chooses.”
The Honorable Bill Parker, Chief Judge, United States Bankruptcy Court — Eastern District of Texas

  • Stop  Foreclosure
  • Stop Creditor Harassment
  • Stop Repossession
  • Stop Wage Garnishment

This is true in most areas of the law but is especially true when one is considering bankruptcy. The bankruptcy laws which went into effect in 2005 are so complex that even some chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney specialists have a hard time meeting all the requirements and understand the nuances of the law. To properly prepare a case, assess the options and potential problems, comply with all the rules and regulations, and navigate the case to a successful conclusion, you need an attorney who can handle your bankruptcy in the most professional fashion.

Gerald H. Davis and Ron Stadtmueller will personally handle every aspect of your case. Unlike many other bankruptcy firms in the area, you will not work with an intake specialist or a paralegal. From start to discharge, you have his undivided attention for the best possible resolution of your financial distress.

Further, as appointed Bankruptcy Trustee’s by the United States Trustee’s, Mr. Davis and Mr. Stadtmueller have a unique view of a bankruptcy case and what a trustee’s is looking for during the case. Gerald H. Davis and Ron Stadtmueller value honest, hard working people who have run into a tough time and need some help to get back on track.

Assisting individuals, families, and small businesses throughout the San Diego County Area a free consultation with San Diego chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers Davis & Stadtmueller, LLP is only a phone call away. The stress and fear of financial distress can end today.